Scott Goodson: Brand Engagement as Cultural Movement

With Scott Goodson's "Smart Against Dumb" as one great example Brand Engagement as lead/marke understands it reaches a new level.

Slide via leadmarke.

Scott Goodson:

"The key for marketers who want to ride this wave is that they have to stop talking about themselves and their products, and start listening to what people are talking about and are passionate about. When you identify that big idea you want to align your brand with, it should be one that fits your corporate identity and values – an idea you can really believe in without being phony about it. Anand Mahindra, who heads the Mahindra Group and has started using movement marketing for various products, says: “I think if you’re going to tap into a movement, you need authenticity – you are either credible as a member and standard bearer of that movement, or you’re not.”

You also have to figure out what people need to really make that movement go – and help provide it for them. That may involve curating culture for them, providing content and/or expertise, or perhaps giving them a platform where they can more easily organize and build a community. This new model of marketing is primarily built around listening, sharing, facilitating: If you do that, people will trust you enough to let you be a part of their cultural movement.

And when that happens, your brand will have earned the kind of respect and credibility with these people that advertising just can’t get you. Your message will be shared among people who trust and listen to one another a lot more than they trust commercials. This is why I believe that increasingly, in the future, the movement will be the medium."

Read more at The Movement is the Medium, forbes.

Finally brands become role models and inspire people to engage themselves. Brands take the lead and deliver meaningful answers to the growing individuality, independence and impatience of people.

Hopefully they'll keep up with their promises, as I said before.