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Anybody who has an understanding of how capitalism works should appreciate that by necessity of greed and existing infrastructure investment the plutocrats at the top have no interest or incentive in removing our reliance on fossil fuels. Not only has free energy (zero point energy)  technology been suppressed or purchased and shelved  but there’s the added beauty that we as a species are still prepared to go to war for fossil energy with the main stream media cheering us on to slaughter in odd countries like Libya that we never gave a fuck about before.

I’ve done enough investigation of the UFO question to know that we’re at a crucial point in conciousness awareness to say the very least. I’ve noticed as a planner of the old-school “future-oriented” variety that there isn’t a shred of branding evidence from any of the reversed tech that has been picked up, or from the thousands of contact reports on the subject. There is however use of symbology and sacred geometry if anybody wants to go a few rounds with me on the trandimensional and/or superluminal discussion points, but I do politely ask that you visit the Marko Rodin posts and Nassim Haramein videos before reaching a conclusion out of courtesy to me.
I’m still not convinced that free energy impact on branding isn’t a moot point based on some of my other ongoing learnings, but traditional branding is looking like toast. In any case busting your balls on a consumption model about to be skewered by front-end energy-abundance doesn’t make much sense to me, so at least don’t take it too seriously for the time being. Not if you’re planning your future anyway.
Here’s Steven Greer M.D who started the whole disclosure project thing and who seems to grasp full well, that it’s not the rubber stamp of reality that is most important to our species but the introduction of the most disruptive technology since the internet. And we all know what free and abundance did to the old advertising revenue model. Just add to capitalism and mix.

(ralf says: Have a look at Tim Kastelle > “The Biggest Innovation Challenge of All”.
We cannot go on as we did in the last 50-100 years. Even corporations will have to accept that, or they will – due to the new individuality, independence, and impatience of people everywhere around the world – become the biggest losers! Act now!)

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