Great Brands are Win-Win! Sensations

The successful brand lives 'empathy. engagement. reciprocity!' to create an individual Win-Win! sensation: a truly Monopolistic Moment.

No, not the multinationals succeed in doing so. They are too far away from the real life of people, citizens, and consumers. Strangely enough.

Not the multinationals are the trendsetters, the true innovators. Real trends are set by students/individuals developing Facebook, Yahoo, Google, flickr, tumblr, typepad, Skype. Newcomers found Tesla Motors, etc. these days – not those guys like Mercedes just advertising (but not delivering) 125 years of innovation.

Everybody may become a player on the world's markets. May become disruptive with new products, brands, and business models. And many do.

And they are even more successful, if their brand engagement is on a par with product development. Engagements establish communication life cycles. Communication life cycles are on a par with product life cycles.

Within huge corporations that would imply to reorganize marketing, costumer service, R&D, etc., more or less the whole company structure …

.. and to add a new culture: Win-Win! situations are based upon reciprocal cultures – outside (with customers) and inside (between co-workers) the corporation. They do not exist in bigger corporations as a given. They have to grow. They must flourish. They have to be lived, cultured, and inspired from role models at the top.

Successful brands create Informal Markets and Plug.Play.Win-Win! relationships by anticipating human's new individuality, independence, and impatience – outside and inside the corporation!