Business Innovation: Revolutionize Your Product By Adding an iPhone or iPad

In a mobile world, a world of screens, a world of always-on it makes much sense for every product to think about a nike+ like solution for your customers.

No I do not think about jogging gadgets for your joghurt range. But I do think about (technical) products, some of them in desperate need of explanation, where it would make very much sense to have or add a screen via iPhone or iPad.

Why? It will add value, add style, add hype, add serious applications while being more affordable than the comparable machine with the integrated screen (or would not even exist, if you do not think about it now) – and: a smartphone will be available and at hand everywhere (in every pocket) soon.

To raise the bar for your thinking about the above please have a look at the device below (and please understand the 3-layered uniqueness within the 3 paragraphs!) .

You think you are able to transcend the mechanics and logics of the approach to your own range of products? Of course!
Then have a quick start on that NOW. Enjoy!


Via engadget (jpg & quote).

"The iMSO-104, however, actually turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into an oscilloscope display.

… according to its maker, it's also the world's smallest and most portable oscilloscope.

That's all well and good, but what we really want to know is, does it support Tennis for Two?"