Innovation: Logitech’s Ingenious Case Turns iPad Into A Tough Laptop

Quite reverse to the post Revolutionize Your Product By Adding an iPhone or iPad which I wrote a few days ago, Logitech sort of revolutionizes the use of iPads by adding a case and keyboard!

This is a great example for lead/marke's Informal Markets Matrix (which enables thinking about new product horizons, ie. markets, in an innovative way). Innovating into the Matrix's Impatience or Individuality quadrant might have produced an idea like the iPad case. Rationale: "..what big Steve doesn't seem to notice (or care about) is that people still really, really want to use keyboards with his "magical, revolutionary" device".


Photo and quotes via fastcodesign.

"The new case, which retails for $99, has the same Toughbook-esque look and feel, but is still slim and minimal enough to ensure that no one mistakes you for a Galaxy-Tab-toting plebeian. The case is made from aircraft-grade, bead-blasted aluminum just like the iPad. And its rugged looks aren't just for show: according to ZAGG, the product features "military grade high-density padding for superior drop protection."