Innovation: Foresight is even More Difficult with no Hindsight Beforehand

This post just tries to keep YOU motivated. You, who are thinking different. You, with a beginner's mind. You, trying to rip things apart, understand them, and build something better. You, exploring the web with nothing else but curiosity. You, discovering new horizons, thinking the impossible, trying to realize just that.

You, everybody is laughing about, 'cause they do not understand what you really try to achieve.

Of course there is no beauty in your first trials, but you see, feel, live the beauty inside your head, searching for words to describe your idea, searching for phrases explaining your innovation.

There is no beauty in the first digital camera but the beauty Steven saw in it. The beauty developed while his invention grew into an innovation, into a business innovation at last.

Via openculture.

Ain't the above pure creativity, building something innovative from parts long known to all of us? Putting together the known to develop the unknown?

Of course now we all know, now we have the hindsight that the digital camera would become one of the biggest inventions ever.

But beforehand the above? Would somebody have bet on its success? Would we have had the foresight to judge this accumulation of dead technical parts the camera of the future?

Keeping that in mind, seize the day. Create! Innovate! Invent the next generation car, the next generation power generation. The next generation web application.

And make the inner beauty of your invention visible (to us) to grow it into a true business innovation. Enjoy!

Human's new individuality, independence, and impatience are desperately waiting for great, inspiring, and relevant solutions!