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Social badges are not merit badges. Yet many brands treat social media as checking a box, rather than making a commitment. There’s a “Like grab” underway to accumulate as many friends, fans, followers, and likes as possible.

Social proof is not necessarily proof of quality. It’s easy for brands to feel encouraged as a campaign generates a few hundred or thousand new “likes”‘ but what do those likes really mean? There’s a campaign mindset to much of social media that prizes quantity over cultivating quality relationships.

Against this confusing backdrop, Joe Hernandez founded Klout to help provide a “standard of influence”. Klout scores social influencers in an effort to provide a quality lens to social media.

Klout founder Joe Hernandes is often asked how to achieve a high Klout score. His answer is a good rule of thumb for marketing in general:

“There are no shortcuts. You have to be yourself, be interesting, be engaging, and be consistent.”

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(ralf says: We cannot emphasize often enough the above. And we do often. Some listen, others still fail on implementing.)

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