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Something just became very apparent and now I realized a few things…

  • I have neglect my blog for my massive love of Twitter
  • I fell in equal love with Tumblr
  • I still love advertising
  • I want to know everything about everything
  • This list could be endless

But what happened?

Over the past few months I have had some amazing things happen. New projects, meet some amazing new people and appeared on some pretty strange stages (the ass grab with Gary Vaynerchuk at the Art of Marketing Toronto may be the highlight), but even with these new projects and events it became harder to blog.

I was hardly bored because I was challenging myself; I was determined to understand the power of Twitter and Tumblr and all things under the Social Media sun, all making writting new blog posts that were worth reading harder. It all became very simple putting down in 140 characters or a simple "post to Tumblr" link.

And now I looked at my old friend the "A View From An AdGuy" blog and relize that I have posted so little new content or details of these new opportunities.

So did Twitter and Tumblr kill my blog? Hardly, on my blog there is still a great resource of wonderful content archived there. Information for young AdLanders to get inside the thinking needed to be a better/smarter creative, to become portfolio ready and access to information that will remain of value.
What did I learn about Twitter and Tumblr?

  • Twitter gave me "instant" access to a new frontier of smart people and information.
  • Tumblr gave me a new way to post "Thing of Interest" instantly… with or without comment.
  • New opportunities to "curate" content and indights about advertising, marketing and communication.
  • In 8 short months I went from a handful of followers to over 4,300.
  • I had the privileged of being named 2011 winner of The Shorty Award for Advertising Education.
  • Joined in on a group of highly active and intelligent folks in a pair of Twitter "tribes" called #usguys and #MMchat.
  • Attended the Wharton School of Business "Future of Advertising" Think Tank in New York by invitation only and because of being of my Twitter presence.

So is my blog dead. Far from it.

Will it grow?

I hope so.

I back.

Cleaning up some dead links. Re-post and update older content.

Maybe even give you a few updates about the great things that have happened over the past few months.

Thanks for your support, interest and mostly time for having interest in what I am thinking.

(ralf says: Good to have you here, Anthony!)

Anthony is a Professor of Creative Advertising at Seneca College@York University in Toronto. As former award winning Creative Director his passion is now focused on nurturing and motivating new young talent on strategic planning & creative concept development of advertising. Twitter: @southsideadguy