Braille Mobile Phone: Any Implications for your own Product Development?

Looking at this Drawbraille Mobile Phone (Design Concept), what might that imply for your own products?

Wouldn't it make sense to incorporate Braille into your packaging, stickers, car doors, interior, …?

"Designer Shikun Sun has put together a stylish mobile phone design idea for the blind – via Yanko Design:

DrawBraille Mobile Phone is one of the most compelling concepts that focus on making mobile phones easy-to-use for the blind. The entire UI and input keys are in Braille and even the touch panel reflects this system. The design and approach have a surreal finish to it and I am quite sure that Shikun Sun is on to something big with this!

More information, including photos and a video, can be found at Yanko Design here"

Image and quote via workman.