The Third Club Kolumne: “Social CEOs sind Outperformer – vice versa”

Für meine Kolumne @thethirdclub:

"IBM Study: If You Don't Have a Social CEO, You're Going to be Less Competitive"

Forbes schreibt über die Studie:

"The big takeaway: That using social technologies to engage with customers, suppliers and employees will enable the organization to be more adaptive and agile".

Aus der entsprechenden IBM-Pressemitteilung

"A new IBM study of more than 1,700 Chief Executive Officers from 64 countries and 18 industries worldwide reveals that CEOs are changing the nature of work by adding a powerful dose of openness, transparency and employee empowerment to the command-and-control ethos that has characterized the modern corporation for more than a century."

Gut, schwer vorstellbar, wenn man an den typischen, deutschen CEO denkt. Aber die Studie macht ja auch eine Einschränkung – sogenannte Outperformer sind ihren Kollegen wie immer um eine Nasenläge voraus:

"The advantages of the fast-moving trend are clear. According to the IBM CEO study, companies that outperform their peers are 30 percent more likely to identify openness – often characterized by a greater use of social media as a key enabler of collaboration and innovation – as a key influence on their organization.

Outperformers are embracing new models of working that tap into the collective intelligence of an organization and its networks to devise new ideas and solutions for increased profitability and growth."


Nein, damit sind wohl Telecoms nicht gemeint:

"However, Telecommunications CEOs told us their use of social media is very low today, with only 11 percent engaging customers through this medium.

They feel their customers pulling away.

As a result, 73 percent said they plan to have social media as the key channel to interact with their customers over the next three to five years, enabling two-way communication as well as the ability to proactively respond to negative chatter." – Via (pdf).

Den Teil mit  'in den nächsten 3-5 Jahren' muss man sich natürlich auf der Zunge zergehen lassen.

"Today, only 16 percent of CEOs are using social business platforms to connect with customers, but that number is poised to spike to 57 percent within the next three to five years.

While social media is the least utilized of all customer interaction methods today, it stands to become the number two organizational engagement method within the next five years, a close second to face-to-face interactions."

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