Erstaunlich, welche Gedanken eine neue Jeans evozieren kann

Eigentlich wollte ich nur kurz …

Dear Friends, so schnell werdet Ihr mich nicht los. Ich habe mir die Woche noch ‘ne neue Jeans gekauft. Die muss jetzt erst aufgetragen werden.

… sagen, aber die enge Jeans erinnerte mich an frühere Zeiten – und gibt mir Hoffnung für eine bessere Zukunft dort draussen:

Via ‘this message is too wide to fit your screen’.

Born in ’63, I know for sure the years from ’75 on were way better than the last 23.

The years around the turn of the century were that boring they won’t even exist in future history books. Like a few hundert years of the middle ages.
But a girl and a few guys laid the foundation for a global ’68 again during the last years.

If we use that legacy wisely, people will start to long for real love, music, movies, and real sex again. Will long for charismatic and wise politicians. Long for change and progress. For empathy, caring, and sharing.

We wanna feel life and alive again. We wanna conquer complexities and challenges again. We wanna love to grow again. To transcend our obstacles, limitations, and horizons again. To go to the moon again – and Mars. To live by our intuition and guts again – built on education, knowledge, and common sense. Not on the strange logics of laws, rules, and regulations of our ubiquitous nanny states.

Politics will become redundant. Because they make themselves redundant. By freeing themselves and the people, our hearts and minds, our thinking and actions.

Together we will rebuild a better world, culture and society. Regain independence, brilliance and relevance for good.



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