Wird gerade jemand 50? – What is Your 25 Year Plan? – 02.Aug 2010, revisited

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Nicht nur zum 50sten Geburtstag, sondern in jedem Alter, an jedem Tag kann man beginnen, seinen 25-Jahres-Plan zu skizzieren, zu realisieren, zu leben.

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| Awake! [Be Independent]
“Did you ever think about it? Did you think about your objective for your meeting you will spend your afternoon in? Your goal for today? Your achievement for your week? Your month? Your summer?
What do you want? What are your talents? What is your potential? Who do you want to be? What do you stand for?

Wouldn’t that be horrible? Growing 50 and your only conclusion while looking back to be: It was not enough?”

| Grow! [Be Brilliant]
“Not enough money? Not enough meaning? Not enough fun? Not enough relevance? Not enough real friends? Not close enough relationship to your partner? Not enough smiles? Decent talks? Action?

Come on! Start now! Get a life! Add meaning. Add a goal. Find yourself! Explore your talent, your capabilities, possibilities, your potential!

Find a vision bigger than you. Find a meaning bigger than you. Find a quest, a challenge bigger than the average life. Find a true purpose!”

| Inspire (the Next)! [Be Relevant]
“Develop and roll out your 25 year plan. Start today. Don’t waste your time. What is your 25 year plan? Derive your 20, 10, 5 year plans from that. What is your 3 and 1.5 year goal? What do you have to achieve till Christmas? This summer? This month? This week?
So, what will you do today to start living your 25 year plan? Act now!”

In diesem Sinne!
| What Difference Do You Make? | What Value Do You Create?
| Why would anybody Miss You?

| Be a Spark! Change the Game! Leave a Mark!
| Wir sollten reden! > talk/tank

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