#weisheitzurnacht: “thomas l. friedman: the world is flat”, Repost vom 10.08.2006


still having the “rise of the creative class” in mind one might be astonished about thomas´s “the only way we are going to keep our standard of living rising is to build a society that produces people who can keep inventing the future.”
and: a task “that takes more of the right education, the right infrastructure, the right ambition, the right leadership, the right parenting. we need to get our whole country focused around meeting that challenge.”

thomas is talking about the us of a., but let us – just for the few minutes of this review – pretend he really does talk about germany.

“but maybe we also have the leaders we deserve.” … “we are a society of me, me, me, and now – not thinking about others and tomorrow.” (we in germany call this ‘social justice’ and ‘social market economy’.)

we have to “… upgrade the educational level of the entire … workforce.” … “the right education can only be build on top of a sound education in the fundamentals – reading comprehension, writing, arithmetic, and basic science.”

” … homes increasingly devoid of books and printed material, where children turn exclusively to television, computers and electronic games for entertainment – and see the adults around them doing the same.” … “there comes a time when you´ve got to put away the game boys, turn off the tv, shut off the ipod, and get your kids down to work.”

“and what we are missing at the moment is the political imagination of how we do something just as big and just as important for the transition into the 21st century as we did for the 19th and 20th.”

“… so many … politicians don´t seem to have a clue about the flat world.”

“the main objective in this era is building strong individuals.” … “it requires a president who can summon the nation to get smarter and study harder in science, math and engineering in order to reach the new frontiers of knowledge which the flat world is rapidly opening up and pushing out.”


now, what is this ominous ‘flat world’?
basically the flattening of the world “… means that we are connecting all the knowledge centers on the planet together into a single global network, which – if politics and terrorism do not get in the way – could usher in an amazing era of prosperity, innovation, and collaboration, by companies, communities and individuals.” … fostering “… the new found power for individuals to collaborate and compete globally.” … ” individuals from every corner of the flat world are being empowered.”


nothing to fear, or? except mediocrity. except boundaries. except regulations. and:
“… wealth in the age of flatness will increasingly gravitate to those countries who get three basic things right: the infrastructure to connect as efficiently and speedily as possible with the flat world platform, the right education programs and knowledge skills to empower more of their people to innovate and do value-added work on that platform, and, finally, the right governance – that is, the right tax policies, the right investment and trade laws, the right support for research, the right intellectual property laws, and, most of all, the right inspirational leadership – to enhance and manage the flow with the flat world.”


nothing to fear? gute nacht, germany, as i already said in my review of “germany. descent of a superstar” by gabor steingart.
up-to-date figures of internet connection in germany level at a very bad 58%, vat is going up to 19%, share-holding in germany is down to 1999 figures, stem-cell research has almost been cut-throat, the leaders are struggling to get the coalition cross the first year.

and: (please do not get me wrong, but) germany does not really exist in this book about the flat world, we are not an example. the flat world cannot learn from us, but vice versa we really should.”

In diesem Sinne!
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