#liebesleader: A Book a Day Keeps the Inner Idiot Away

Of course, nobody does have the time to read a book today. Of course, everybody must solve urgent problems, smaller and more severe catastrophes. Of course, nobody has the time to question themselves, or to question the status quo, or to question the future. Of course, nobody finds the time to rethink, innovate, revolutionize the product, brand, business model.
Believe it, or not, exactly that is the biggest problem of them all.

We are captivated by what we call ‘practical constraints’. We are the slaves of our short-time thinking, our sense-making, our denial, and lack of intellect, intuition, and imagination. We cultivate our tunnel vision instead of our beginner’s mind and quest for new horizons. We are doomed to fail.


Books give you a new perspective, new philosophies, and new pattern recognition abilities. Books are bigger than life, bigger than ourselves. Reading a book means
standing on the shoulders of giants. Reading a book means leaving the
daily rat-race, and leaving our business mazes behind. Reading a book means seeing the wood for the trees again.

[Repost vom 28. Juli 2010.]