#liebesleader: Too Good to be True!?

How often do you encounter someone whom you judge as ‘too good to be true’? And in business? How often do we meet people which are that far above the average of intelligence, creativity, provocative thinking, wisdom as we know it?

Once? Ever? What do we do, what do we feel in those very scarce moments?

How often do we fear them? How often do we want to stay in their vicinity? How often do we fall in love? How often do we run away?

Would we ever engage someone like that to become part of our world? Would we ever pay her or him to be around? To ‘enlighten’ or ‘teach’ us with his example?

Are we able to distinguish them from the ‘gurus’, we do not want to have around? Are we self confident enough to admit that s/he is ‘too good to be true’?

[Repost vom 19. August 2010.]